All proceeds will be used to share with Albertans why we believe they were born to lead.

We, the People of the Prairies, are Ready to Lead

At the heart of separatism, sovereignty and independence in the Prairies, lies the truth. We don’t really want to leave Canada.

In his new book, author Randy Royer shares the three key pillars of the new sovereignty solution he proposes to directly address the root causes of our frustration and alienation in the Prairies.

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In Alberta Should Lead, Not Leave, Royer goes way beyond simple, political math. From the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois Confederacy of 1150, to the Magna Carta of 1215, to today, he takes us on a fascinating ride through the primary arches of North America’s history. It’s Royer’s deep dive into the historical, constitutional, economic, cultural, sociological and cognitive barriers that systemically block our path to self- sovereignty that sets him apart.

Through his deep understanding of who we are, where we came from and how we uniquely differ from our neighbours in the East and to the South, Royer shares with us a way we can stay a part of Canada, unleash the self-sovereignty of the Prairies and free our own self-sovereignty and creativity as individuals.

Underpinning his detailed and ambitious plan is a unifying, foundational philosophy called Creative Humanism. When you read his book, your mind will be opened to understanding the difference between interdependent mechanisms created to help us meet our own needs versus man-made, social, political or economic constructs engineered to function as living, organic entities that seek their survival more than they seek to support life.

Royer’s bold vision calls upon us to rise up, embrace the power of our extraordinary nature, history and lands and lead Canada towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

A 3-Dimensional Sovereignty Solution to Create a Better, More Unified Canada

Take Back Our Story

We, the People of the Prairies, raise barns together. We want all our neighbours to be free to prosper. We love and respect the land and each other. To write the next chapter of our story, we need to unite and create a blended, socio-political and economic foundational philosophy deeply rooted in our extraordinary nature.

Gain Economic Independence

We, the People of the Prairies, are entrepreneurs and problem solvers. We get things done. We need to unite and create a self-sovereign economy by building free trade transportation corridors to Hudson Bay and by supporting the First Nations-led, NeeStaNan Utility Corridor through Port Nelson.

Create the Prairie Autonomous Region

We, the People of the Prairies, are natural collaborators. We are in this together. We need to unite into a self-sovereign economic union; a bottom-up governance structure that models an interdependent form of democracy and aims to unleash the self-sovereignty and creativity of all people.

The Proposed Action Plan

“with malice toward none; with charity toward all; with firmness in the right”

~Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address

All proceeds will be used to share with Albertans why we believe they were born to lead.