About Alberta Should Lead

Alberta Should Lead is a self-sovereign, shared leadership community aimed at helping our province and our people reach their full potential.

To build and grow our community we are launching an Alberta Should Lead tour across our amazing province to share with Albertan’s their extraordinary history and to present the new sovereignty solution proposed in Randy Royer’s latest book.

It is our hope that by helping Albertans to remember who they are they will rise up, embrace the power of their extraordinary nature, history and lands and become an unstoppable force that leads the unification of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba into the Prairie Autonomous Region; a Self-Sovereign Economic Union.

Sign Up for an Official Alberta Should Lead book launch party!

If you are interested in discovering more about the extraordinary history of Alberta and exploring author Randy Royer’s New Sovereignty Solution first-hand, sign up for a book launch party below.

To book a party in your town, send us an email at connect@albertashouldlead.com or a message below!

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