Democratic Concerns

New Nation Congress wishes to be a mechanism of hope and a legitimate course of action founded in goodwill for all. We seek to convert frustration and desperation into a dream for a better future.

Creative Humanism, with its human-centric world view affords us an opportunity to see issues from a different perspective and generate new and intriguing solutions that are beyond our current consideration. The first step is the definition of problems.

In a human based democracy, perception is reality. If there is a significant number of people that believe that an issue exists, then it exists and it needs to be addressed. There is not a requirement for scientific proof or approval of the ruling elite. All that is required to make something an issue in a human based democracy is for enough people to believe that it is an issue. Issues addressed in this section meet that requirement. Solutions also come from a completely different foundational thinking pattern.

People are all that count. The nation, the government, the judiciary, businesses and all social entities exist to help people. People have responsibilities to each other in forming communities and our earth. There is no inherent right vested in the state, or individuals that have seized the power of the state, to command or control others; we are all equal and there is no stratification of value. The earth is not ours for callous conquest to meet our desires but ours to nurtured and carefully harvest in a respectful and balanced approach.

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