The West’s Pioneer Spirit Policy Ideas

The Voice of the West is Ready to be Heard

The state, the government, the bureaucracy, business and all other constructs exist at the will of the people and are responsible to serve them. 

Individual sovereignty and responsibility are foundational to the beliefs of the New Nation Congress.

It aspires to make Canada the first country on earth to become a nation of people where the sovereignty of the individual along with their inherent responsibilities to the community and nature are the sole and supreme entity in the nation. The vision is to create a strong, unified, prosperous and independent nation where personal initiative is supported, where we care of each other first, support domestic production and take full responsibility for the environmental and social costs related to our consumption.

The west must use its sovereignty to take leadership pushing the country to remember who we are and become all that we can be and plot a course on our strengths rather than just blindly repeating that of our dominant southern neighbour.

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