Western Alienation

By survey, 70% of Albertans think that they are second class citizens in their own country. That represents 3.6 million people or 10% of the entire population of the country. Alberta represents 6.6% of the land mass of the country and is one of the 10 sub-sovereign provinces. Western Alienation is also an issue in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia (particularly the interior and north), the North and northern Ontario. The degree of discontent has not been measured in those areas but combined, the numbers are significant. It represents more than 50% of the land mass of the country and 12.3 million people or 33% of the entire nation.

To put it into perspective there is no voice in the decision-making process of the national government in a land mass that stretches from Winnipeg to Vancouver. That is a distance that is slightly more than the distance from Paris France to Talinn Estonia. In other words, a land mass the size of western Europe has no voice in the government. No other nation or political union in the democratic world would put up with this kind of failure.

The philosophy of Creative Humanism holds that all people are equal in nature and therefore, must be treated equally in the affairs of the nation and have an equitable voice in the decisions that affect them. If this is not the case, then the affected parties have an inherent right to propose changes that would redress the shortfall. Should a negotiated agreement to meet those objectives, in other words, if the dominating party simply insists on continued control and domination, then the affected party has the right in nature to dissolve the partnership.

Holding dominion over others is not justifiable in any form.

The New Nation Congress contains a series of proposals to address the issue.

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