Words Matter Index

Usage of terms is the cornerstone of effective communication. Below you can click on underlined terms for a detailed description of the intended meanings of the words listed within that category.

Index of terms:

Concepts and Philosophies

  • New Nation Congress
  • Creative Humanism
  • Constructs of Humanity
  • Traditional Indigenous Governance
  • European Style Governance
  • Pioneer Spirit of the West
  • Organic v Mechanical States
  • Nation State v Nation of People

Political Structure

  • Federation v Unitary State
  • Federal v Central Governments
  • Constitution v Foundational Document:
  • Britain’s non-codified constitution:
  • Protection of rights by precedent:
  • American Constitution rooted in Legalism and absolutism:
  • Trudeau’s Constitution:
  • Loss of rights with Trudeau’s constitution
  • Equality in Trudeau’s constitution
  • Repatriation: misnomer or clever marketing
  • Referendums on Constitutions
  • Judicial Supremacy
  • Judicial Advocacy
  • Judicial Failures in the United States
  • Judicial Adversarial system defining the nation
  • Rule of Law-meanings
  • Charter of Rights and Responsibilities The Executive

North American Traditional Ways

  • First People v First Nations
  • Bundle Holder’s -Responsibility to Membership
  • Vision of the Elders

Policy Related

  • Even playing field
  • Offshoring the costs of consumption
  • Community based bureaucracy
  • Internal free trade
  • Internal free movement
  • Personal Initiative
  • Common Law

Canadian Nationalism

  • Americanization of Canada
  • Unique Canadian character
  • Vision of Canada
  • Unifying vision for all of Canada
  • Dependence v Independence v Interdependence
  • Imperative for Human freedom


  • Prairie Populist Movements
  • Strongman Leadership v Shared Leadership
  • Leadership from Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Consequences of ignoring alienation in the west


  • A Nation’s Basic Responsibility
  • Electoral Heartland
  • Colonial Thinking
  • Extreme Concentration of Power
  • Asymmetrical Confederation
  • Immutable Systemic Malaise
  • Numbers too large to disregard
  • Canadian Character
  • American style adversarial politics
  • Dehumanized modern state
  • (Something) V (Something)
  • Basic Programming
  • Western Civilization
  • North American Traditional Civilization­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
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