Words Matter – Canadian Nationalism

Americanization of Canada: Canada abandoned parliamentary style collaborative governance in favor of American style adversarial republicanism. This change has influenced the social and political aspects of the country. Executive control has replaced cabinet administration. Political debate has transitioned from traditional politeness and consideration to adversarial demonization and extreme positioning. The transition started with the adoption of the Supremacy of the Judiciary (an adversarial theatre) in the first Trudeau’s constitution and accelerated under the second Trudeau’s period with the adoption of Executive governance.

Unique Canadian character: Sorry………………  we are not sure what it is but we know it’s not American

Vision of Canada: There is currently no single vision of the nation and no one speaks for the entire nation. Historically our sole unifying vision is that we don’t want to be American (oh and hockey too).

Unifying vision for all of Canada: To become through the leadership of all peoples of Alberta, Saskatchewan and potentially the entire west, the first country on earth to become a nation of people where the sovereignty of the individual along with the inherent responsibilities to the community and nature are the sole and supreme entity in the nation. The vision is to create a strong, unified, prosperous and independent nation where personal initiative is supported, where we care of each other first, support domestic production and take full responsibility for the environmental and social costs related to our consumption.

Dependence v Independence v Interdependence: Dependence is a model of being dependent upon the national government for initiative, decision making, personal guidance and often financial support. Independence is a human sovereignty where initiative is in the personal domain, decisions are up to the individual and the government provides guidance and full information to make an adult style decision. Interdependence is an understanding of our reliance upon each other and the personal right to make decisions to compromise.

Imperative for Human freedom: In the grand sweep of history, western civilization can be seen as the long march of the human spirit to freedom of domination from oppressive entrenched regimes. The Magna Carta was the first step. The enactment of the American Constitution and its respect for the individual was one of the most recent in a long list of events that increased human freedom. However, the document established a Nation State with infinite rights and organic stature which in turn acknowledged certain rights of the individual. The next step in the evolution is a nation of people where the people have infinite rights and they prescribe rights to the state at their will from time to time.

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