Words Matter – Leadership

Prairie Populist Movements: A grassroots political movement that sweeps through the Prairie Provinces generally to have the effect of systemic change to improve the democratic aspects of the political system. It differs from the modern media use of the term Populism in that it is not about pandering to an extreme policy position or having the government give material benefits to the people or the subset of people that are demanding populism.

Strongman Leadership v Shared Leadership: The former is a descendent of the European based right of kings. The latter is from the traditional thinking in North America of having several leaders with different responsibilities to serve the membership. NNC embraces shared leadership and seeks leaders in various fields.

Leadership from Alberta and Saskatchewan: These are the two youngest provinces in the country where the Traditional Indigenous Governance and the western pioneer spirit are still in living memory. They have been impacted the most of any provinces by the transition from the historic Canadian character of respectful understanding (even if disregarded) to the Americanization of the country to the adversarial positioning of disagreement being positioned as an existential threat to the very fabric of the nation. Negative federal incursion into the once sovereign jurisdiction of the resource sector is broadly believed to have severely hampered the economies of the two provinces. The incursion happened with no consultation, compensation or consideration.

The mainstream and Indigenous communities of the provinces have common cause to break the underlying and persistent colonial thinking of the central government and redefine confederation.

Consequences of ignoring alienation in the west: There are three forms of alienation in the west: traditional western alienation that is rooted in the country’s asymmetrical confederation; Indigenous alienation based of attempted assimilation by the national government (residential schools) and west coast alienation caused by the abandonment and complete disregard of the interests and issues of the west coast (money laundering creeping into real estate, foreign criminal gangs, loss of the cruise industry). Should the remaining existing partners in confederation find a proposal of a nation of people who are all equal with all voices heard equitably, to be unacceptable, then the west will have no other option that to go it alone. Creating the world’s first nation of people and respecting the heritage of Indigenous tradition and the pioneer spirit takes precedence over the existing geo-political boundaries. To speak truth to power, the voiceless can but their own sovereignty on the line (personal or collective).