Words Matter – North American Traditional Ways

First People v First Nations: The First People of North America did not have the concept of a Nation or Nation State that was above and superior to the people. They had no concept of obedient servants of the State or entrenched authority of the nation. Their Traditional Governance Structure recognized the sovereignty of persons and people. The concept of nationhood was bestowed upon the Indigenous people of North America by George III in 1763 in an attempt to hinder the westward expansion of Britain’s rebellious colonies. The British empire did not have a record of magnanimous gifts to peoples that it was in the process of conquering. This work uses the term First People.

Bundle Holder’s -Responsibility to Membership: In Traditional Governance the Indigenous people of the prairies would select various chiefs to take care of various needs of the members.

Vision of the Elders: The elders are said to have agreed to make treaty because their vision was that there would be a new civilization on these lands: not their way (the Europeans), not our way (the Indigenous), but the best of both. We seek to fulfill that vision.

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