Words Matter – Policy Related

Even playing field: The Canadian government gives foreign producers every conceivable advantage over Canadians that wish to make or produce things in the country. We seek to even the playing field to give Canadian producers and labour an even chance to make things again.

Offshoring the costs of consumption: We are responsible for the environmental and social costs associated with our consumption regardless of where in the world it happens. Pushing the production of products that we consume offshore through production regulation does not absolve our responsibility for the harm of our consumption.

Community based bureaucracy: The bureaucracy belongs to the people. A broad section of the population should have access to the lucrative government employment. We propose that national institutions be spread across the nation and that the communities that they are in be an integral part of their operations. Each department would have a permanent committee in the House and the MP from the city in which the department is located would be a member of the committee. That MP would have a specific responsibility to be the community liaison (regardless of party).  The department would report directly to the committee which represents parliament and not the Trudeau style executive.

Internal free trade: trade between the provinces. Canada does not have free internal trade.

Internal free movement: ability of people to move between provinces and have their credentials acknowledged. This does not exist in Canada in terms of using professional designation and often trade credentials.

Personal Initiative: the right of a person to have an environment that encourages them to take personal initiative. This relates to commercial, social and bureaucratic endeavors.

Common Law: Laws are meant to reflect the common beliefs of the people; opinions that they have in common. In Canada the law has been used to social engineer, make bureaucracy easier, change or consumption and adhere to the morals of those that control the levers of government (national, provincial and municipal)

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